Samsung Seoul Hospital

Samsung Seoul Hospital of Republic of Korea that seek medical advancement in all sectors (including 1994 since the opening of medical care, research, education, and medical services.) Has also been designated as a White House official evacuation hospital, 2008 Cancer Hospital opened, by introducing in 2014 a heart cerebrovascular hospital founded and second-generation proton therapy device cancer, heart brain blood vessels, brain, in severe diseases such as organ transplant global leader in hospital We jump into.
International Health Care Center is dedicated as a center for foreign patients, and language is possible to secure the system to optimize patient care abroad through overseas patient care experience, it holds a wealth of medical staff and patients waiting 24 hours service.
Stay in Korea in English, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Mongolian, Japanese and other major countries interpreter services and transportation, accommodation, etc. are trying to minimize the inconvenience to domestic life during treatment by connecting the various services required.

Specialized Medical Care

■ foreign patients also Darvin procedure
○ liver surgery (RFA treatment, proton therapy, liver transplantation)
○ brain tumor surgery (gamma knife)
○ cancer treatment (HSCT chemotherapy, proton therapy)

Other Services

■ Global Insurance Payment Guarantee service
ISOS / Tricare, ATENA, CIGNA International , FSBP, DAMAN, HPH Worldwide, United Healthcare Internatinal, BUPA, EAJ, EURO-CENTER, EUROP ASSISTANCE, GMC, KBM, METLIFE EXPATRIATE, MSH CHINA, Prestige, SEVEN CORNERS, SOS, TAKECARE, Tiecare other

■ eating
food, halal way, Russian, Mongolian

■ other
Muslims language TV channel, magazine offers, free internet access, United Arab patients lounge



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