Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine

Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine is the largest network of hospitals for non-invasive treatment of spinal disorders in Korea.We are a medical group of over 20 hospitals and clinics located in Korea and the United States.We are home to 30 specialized clinics where 400 physicians strive to provide the best available care to our patients.1,260 inpatient beds are available for those who need intensive care.

We work to change the misconception that spinal disorders can only be treated with surgical methods. We try our best to provide our safe, yet effective treatment to all those who need it. Not only Korean patients, but also patients from abroad have experienced positive results from Jaseng’s treatments.

With non-invasive treatment methods unique to Jaseng, such as Jaseng herbal medicine, Chuna manipulation, and Shinbaropharmacopuncture, we treat 150 thousand patients a year with a total of one million treatment sessions a year. Jaseng is proud to be the pioneer in Korean Medicine treatment of spinal disorders with more than 20 years of accumulated experience. With our abundant data, we are continuing efforts to provide “scientific” explanations of our treatment. We have published the results of our investigations in many domestic and international journals.

Services Provied

On/Off-line consultation (English/Japanese/Russian/Mongolian) via phone, e-mail, online messenger
Interpretation of treatment procedures (English/Japanese/Russian/Mongolian)
Herbal medicine delivery (Free delivery to addresses in Korea)
Documents available
– Documentation needed for customs (herbal medication) (Korean/English)
– Medical certification/Doctor’s opinion and other documents for insurance claims (Korean/English/Japanese) – Additional fee required
– Receipt of all expenses (Korean/English)
CD copies of diagnostic images and report of findings– Additional fee required
Reservations assistance
– Reservations for hotels (discounts applied to stays at partnership hotels)
– Airport pick-up/arrangement for pick-up vehicles (Patients liable for transportation fee / provided complimentary for patients seeking inpatient care)
Tourist site information and shopping tips