ID Plastic Surgery Clinic

ID Hospital claims itself as the first hospital in Asia specialized in maxillofacial surgery.

Dr. Park Sang Hoon’s ID Plastic Surgery Clinic was the first plastic surgery clinic to perform orthognathic surgery professionally, a procedure that was performed by only university hospitals in the past. 10 years since ID Hospital’s inception, it is now Asia’s top hospital in maxillofacial surgery under a new name, ID Hospital.

By enhancing global competitiveness with the best medical staff, high-end advanced technology medical systems, and research and development methodology ahead of its time, ID Hospital is a top-rated medical hub in Asia in the field of maxillofacial surgery.

ID’s Philosophy on Safety – High-tech Intelligent Building System

The ID Hospital building was designed and built solely for
facial bone surgery. The high-tech building reflects our
philosophy on our patients’ safety being our utmost priority.
From the very early stages of architectural design,
our emphasis on safety is reflected in the aseptic germ-free air
showers, self-generating power stations and fireproof interior.

To seek Beauty Solutions for those in need and together find happiness along the way.

To become Asia’s Top Leading ‘Total Beauty Solution’ Hospital to resolve beauty-related matters, to simply become a ‘Beauty Wonderland’ for anyone to enjoy a friendly environment.